episodes of My Favorite Husband

newspaper ad promoting the show

newspaper ad promoting the show
The direct ancestor of the early TV mega-hit "I Love Lucy", many of this Lucille Ball-starred radio shows' scripts served as the genesis of later TV episodes.

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Sep 24 1948 Knitting Baby Booties
Oct 02 1948 The Young Matron's League Tryouts
Feb 11 1949 Valentine's Day
Apr 29 1949 Vacation Time
Sep 23 1949 The Attic
Oct 28 1949 Halloween Surprise Party
Dec 16 1949 George's Christmas Presents
Mar 19 1950 The Wills
Apr 30 1950 Spring Cleaning
Oct 14 1950 Dinner for Twelve
Jan 27 1951 Drafted
Mar 24 1951 Iris and Liz's Easter Dresses
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