welcome to the generic radio workshop

Welcome to the Generic Radio Workshop: the original and largest collection of radio scripts and transcripts from the Golden Age of Radio available on the Internet.

As periodic presenters of Old-Time Radio show recreations, we have long sought out scripts from the Golden Age of audio drama (roughly speaking, 1930-1960). They turn out to be few and far between. If you want to explore OTR further than just listening to the shows themselves - if you want the source material - you've come to the right place. We're providing a scholarly resource in the best tradition of the Internet, making available online what once was scarce. We make no claims to ownership of these materials; they remain, as they should, the copyright of their respective owners. But as the shows themselves have brought pleasure to millions, so we hope do the original scripts themselves.

the most recent script library additions:

Added 06/28/24, Superman: Looking For Kryptonite, Chapter 16 (1945)
Added 06/28/24, My Little Margie: Timmy's Christmas (1952)
Added 06/28/24, Vic and Sade: Mr. Ruebush's Christmas Present (1943)
Added 06/28/24, Uncle Sam's Forest Rangers: Christmas Preparations (1933)

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It's a ready-to-go radio show:

Classic radio kits from
the generic radio workshop

Everything you need to perform your own radio show: script, recorded sound effects & music on a memory stick,  and show & performance notes collected into a handsome binder and shipped straight to you. All you add is actors!

LATEST: Suspense- ”Catch Me If You Can” 

With a 20 year run of nearly 1000 episodes, Suspense had the chance to experiment with traditional radio conventions. This particular episode was not about a detective discovering the murderer, but about a murderer trying to discover the detective. It includes an intense performance from the female lead character, plenty of manual sound effect opportunities, and Agatha Christie-style red herrings along the way.

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Vintage radio meets modern technology:

Project Audion features actors from different radio theatre companies across North America performing free old time radio shows together via Zoom video conference. You can watch or listen.  Visit the Project Audion website or your favorite podcast service, or YouTube.

from the generic radio workshop's archives, a collection of vintage scripts

We're thrilled to introduce you to a script collection from a show you've never heard of, but which makes delightful reading: 1944's soap opera / detective drama "Lady of the Press."

Unheard and unseen for eight decades, Lady of the Press was an entertaining CBS radio show which followed newspaper reporter Sandra Martin, a modern woman trying to balance her personal life with her career. Sandra Martin was played by Janet Waldo who went on to fame as the voice of Corliss Archer, Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, and many other characters.

This volume reprints, for the first time, the scripts of the first two dozen original episodes of the series, complete with edits and cuts made by the cast and crew. These scripts open a window into the World War II home front and will leave you hanging at the end of every episode!

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because radio isn't everything, a book about moviegoing!

The town of Grapevine Texas was a lot like other small 20th-century farm towns. That makes the story of its movie theaters a universal tale... of dreamers and  entrepreneurs who tried to strike it rich - or at least a good living - showing movies to the locals. 

The story of how we watched movies in the 20th Century is the story of The Moving Picture Show: from the first appearance of "moving scenery" in 1901 to the opening of the world's largest multi-screen cinema complex in 1997. Engagingly told, rich in detail, and profusely illustrated.

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