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We know some of this is badly out of date. Yeah, we're working on it..

The History of Car Radios

The New Hampshire Stem Club for Girls shared this link on the history of car radios, which in their most primitive form are older than broadcasting itself.

OTTR: Old Time Radio Researchers Group

The Old Time Radio Researchers Group is the quintessential Internet site for radio archives, with what is becoming the definitive database of what shows exist and in what form.


Another site of serious importance to the OTR community -- one which hosts literally thousands of old shows -- is the website. Best of all, it's all free to download and listen to.

Creating Sound Effects, by Tony Palermo

Tony Palermo, who's been doing this an awfully long time, has compiled the web's best single source of how to make sound effects. Because while these days you can just run recorded sounds from a computer, where's the fun in that? No - make your own thunderball, wind machine, and more. he tells you how here:

Crosley Radio Players

We are a group of western Indiana broadcasters who do regular performances, keeping old time radio alive. RThey've contributed a number of scripts to the GRW library for more information.

Blue Mountains Radio Players

Who says audio theater has to be an American activity? Of course there's the BBC, but there are performers across the world. Few are more enthusiastic than our friends at the Blue Mountains Radio Players in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.

The Tobacco Documents library

Huh? Old radio scripts and tobacco? What in the world? Well, the tobacco companies were big sponsors of old time radio -- shows like "Jack Benny", "The Big Story", and others. When the big industry lawsuits against the tobacco industry occured many years ago, gigantic amounts of tobacco industry material got scanned and archived and eventually placed online.

As of 2017, the most reliable website to search for scripts scripts is this one.

This site has PDF files with literally hundreds of shows and commercials dating back as far as 1928. Search on "type:script" to see what we mean.

New York Broadcasting History

Although the site says "New York", most of the milestones in broadcasting it mentions have national impact: