episodes of Uncle Sam's Forest Rangers

Uncle Sam's Forest Rangers, produced by NBC in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, debuted January 7, 1932, as a weekly 15-minute dramatic sketch on The National Farm And Home Hour. The series starred Harvey Hays (better known for playing The Old Timer on EMPIRE BUILDERS and Chief Superintendent John Davidson on WHITEHALL 1212) as folksy Ranger Jim Robbins, who, with his wife Bess and his young assistant Jerry Quick, worked at a fictional national forest in the American northwest. The series ran for 565 episodes and ended on January 6, 1944

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Jan 07 1932 Episode 1
Mar 17 1932 Episode 11 - the Seventeenth of Ireland
May 05 1932 Episode 18 - The Lookout Station
Sep 15 1932 Episode 34 - Foolish Questions
Dec 22 1932 Episode 44 - Christmas
Oct 19 1933 Episode 84 - Fire Fighting
Dec 21 1933 Christmas Preparations
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