episodes of Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Dick Powell starred in the Richard Diamond, Private Detective radio series as a rather light-hearted detective who often ended the episodes singing to his girlfriend, Helen. It began airing on NBC on April 24, 1949, picked up Rexall as a sponsor on April 5, 1950, and continued until December 6, 1950. With Camel cigarettes as a sponsor, it moved to ABC. It ended its run in September 1953.

Many of the shows were written by Blake Edwards. Yes, THAT Blake Edwards, who went on to write and direct The Pink Panther movies, "10" and others.

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Oct 08 1949 The Gibson Murder Case
Jan 05 1951 The Nathan Beeker Case
Apr 27 1951 The Barrio Case
May 18 1951 Lonely Hearts
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