episodes of Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show

Radio comedy sure had it's share of real-life couples: George Burns and Gracie Allen, Jack Benny & Mary Livingston, Fred Allen & Portland Hoffa, Ozzie Nelson & Harriet Hilliard, Jim and Marian Jordan (that is to say, Fibber McGee and Molly) - and Phil Harris and Alice Faye.

For six years, starting in 1948, the couple played comedic versions of themselves in a well-tooled situation comedy which also showcased Harris as bandleader/singer and Alice Faye's singing as well. The supporting cast included radio vets like Elliott Lewis (himself one-half of a radio couple), Walter Tetley, and Sheldon Leonard.

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Oct 10 1948 Retrieving Contract from Frankie
Nov 14 1948 New Drug
Mar 06 1949 Kangaroo + Wallpapering
Jun 05 1949 The Tonsillectomy
Jun 15 1949 Cadillac in the Pool
Oct 09 1949 Three Gray Hairs
Nov 06 1949 The Television Test
Jun 04 1950 The Vaccinations
Oct 29 1950 Phil Harris is Sick
Jan 28 1951 Donating Blood
Apr 22 1951 Improvement is Necessary + Suspense
Nov 02 1952 The Election Committee
Nov 30 1952 The Tattoo
Mar 15 1953 Gang Leader's Phone Number
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