episodes of Let's Pretend

Let's Pretend was one of network radio's earliest children's shows, first airing as "The Adventures of Helen and Mary" in 1929 and becoming "Let's Pretend" in 1934. Existing a land of fairy tales and imagination that PBS' Mr Rogers might find comforting, it was shepherded through most of it's on-air life by one woman - Nila Mack - who managed to cast her young thespians in ever changing roles each week, and developed strong loyalties among both cast members and listeners despite the march of time. A Saturday morning staple sponsored for years by Cream of Wheat, "Let's Pretend" bowed out in October 1954.

An excellent first-person memoir/history, "Let's Pretend and the Golden Age of Radio," written by cast member Arthur Anderson, is available from Bear Manor Media.

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Jul 13 1935 Rapunzel
Sep 07 1935 Rumpelstiltskin
Aug 29 1942 The Little Mermaid
Dec 26 1942 The House of the World
Nov 28 1953 Ceres and Proserpina
Jun 05 1954 Beauty and the Beast
Jun 19 1954 Ondine
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