episodes of Last Man Out

A Cold-War Anti-Communist thriller in an era of "Counterspy" and "I Was a Communist for the FBI", this short-lived series was the brainchild of writer Richard English. As he explained to Time magazine...

"he wants to get the last man out of the Communist Party--'the man America needs most.' As English explained on his first program: 'When a drunk quits, he can go to Alcoholics Anonymous; when a Commie gets out, he has no place to go. Maybe this program can do something about that.' By interviews and dramatizations, the experiences of ex-Communists are recounted in a quietly believable, non-melodramatic way. English has signed up a long list of ex-Reds, including Elizabeth Bentley and Movie Director Edward Dmytryk (one of the "Hollywood Ten" who quit the party in 1951). He has high hopes for the show: 'I want the sleeper, the guy who will quit. He's my man. I'm trying to show him his mistake and make him get out before it's too late . . .' "

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Dec 06 1953 The Case of Dorothy K. Fun
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