episodes of Fleischmann's Yeast Hour

The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour was a variety show hosted by Rudy Vallee, early crooner and a shrewd judge of new talent - several of his discoveries went on to great musical or radio careers of their own. As a prestige show, it truly attempted to offer "something for everyone", including shorter dramatic or comedy sketches of some importance. Some of these sketches are collected in these online archives.

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Mar 02 1933 The Valiant
Apr 06 1933 For Services Rendered
Jul 06 1933 Death Takes a Holiday
Jul 20 1933 Help Wanted (a.k.a. Want Ads)
Aug 10 1933 The Baby Carriage
Nov 09 1933 The Love Nest
Aug 09 1934 Nurse's Day Out
Sep 27 1934 The Sentry
Dec 20 1934 If Women Take the Place of Men
Feb 14 1935 A Minuet
Mar 28 1935 The Song of the Whip
Jun 13 1935 Miss Tithinwither at the Prize Fight
Jun 27 1935 The Enchanted Forest
Jul 18 1935 The Third Angle
Aug 01 1935 Peg O' My Heart
Dec 19 1935 The Church Mouse
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