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Take a mysterious adventure hero with a colorful secret identity. Add in a sidekick for him to talk to. Make them defenders of justice. Give them a special weapon. Hit series? If your name was James Jewell, the answer is "yes." Jewell was one of the creators of "The Lone Ranger" and "The Green Hornet" and "Sargeant Preston of the Yukon" ... but he tried to repeat the formula even more than that.

"The Black Ace" is a virtually unknown show created and written by Jewell that airedlocally on Detroit radio station WWJ in the late 1930s. The Black Ace is a pilot (shades of Captain Midnight?) whose sidekick has even less vocabulary than Tonto. His flying pal "Whistler" only replied by...yes, whistling. (Shades of Harpo Marx!) Full of action, daring, and plenty of airplane sound effects, The Black Ace probably deserved a slot on a national network, but never got it.

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Mar 17 1939 Episode 67
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