episodes of Arch Oboler's Plays

Oboler directs Tommy Cook

Oboler directs Tommy Cook
Although he gained an inevitable notariety for his work on horror series "Lights Out", Arch Oboler was truly one of radio's auteurs, producing a wide variety of deeply-felt plays about the human condition, including a number focusing on World War II. Many of these were collected into a number of printed anthologies. Oboler even wrote and directed the film that kicked of the 50's 3D craze, "Bwana Devil."

The anthology series Arch Oboler's Plays originally ran on NBC for a year beginning in 1939, with other series under various titles also being broadcast in the late 1930s through the 1940s.

For more, see Wikipedia's entry on Arch Oboler.

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Mar 25 1939 The Ugliest Man in the World
Jul 29 1939 Another World (aka Alter Ego)
Nov 18 1939 Bathysphere
Nov 25 1939 Miss American
Mar 09 1940 Johnny Got His Gun
Jun 07 1945 Night
Jul 19 1945 Special To Hollywood
Sep 20 1945 Rocket From Manhattan
Oct 11 1945 This Living Book
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