episodes of Miscellaneous Single Episodes

Here we have some scripts and transcripts from obscure, odd, or otherwise interesting radio shows.

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Apr 14 1925 BBC: The Dweller in Darkness -- a Play of the Unknown
Dec 29 1925 WGBS: Sue 'Em
Dec 21 1926 Great Moments in History: The Landing of the Pilgrims
Feb 28 1927 WLS: Hiram's Hired Hands
Sep 20 1927 Great Moments in History: The Story of Nathan Hale
Feb 20 1928 WLS: Hiram's Pay Day
Dec 21 1928 Great Moments in History: Washington Crossing the Delaware
May 15 1930 WHO: Books and Bananas
May 16 1930 Unversal Safety Series: Old Man Trouble
Jun 23 1931 Soconyland Sketches: Caesar Rodney's Ride
Oct 11 1931 Startling Detective Adventures: Boston's Lone Wolf Terror
Dec 25 1931 NBC Christmas Special: On Christmas Night
Dec 14 1933 WLS: The Scottsboro Limited
May 24 1934 Kraft Music Hall: A Summer Romance
Oct 13 1934 Robinson Crusoe, Junior: Pigs with Tummy-Aches
May 06 1937 WLS-NBC: The Hindenburg Disaster
Aug 29 1937 The Chase and Sanborn Hour: The Bad Man
Dec 12 1937 The Chase and Sanborn Hour: Adam and Eve
Jan 30 1938 The Chase and Sanborn Hour: The Tell-Tale Heart
May 05 1938 The Royal Desserts Hour: "Danse Macabre"
Jun 04 1938 BBC: Matrimonial News
Feb 05 1939 The Magic Key: A Sunny Morning
Jul 15 1939 What Price America: Program No. 24
Jul 23 1939 The Chase and Sanborn Hour: The Man Who Thought of Everything
Dec 03 1939 The Chase and Sanborn Hour: Rendezvous with Tomorrow
Dec 21 1939 CBS: The Visit of St. Nick
Apr 07 1940 Booker T. Washington in Atlanta
Jun 11 1940 Tonight's Best Story: The Key
Sep 29 1940 The Story of Treasure Island
Feb 01 1941 Calling All Stamp Collectors: "Switzerland"
Jan 01 1942 They Burned the Books by Stephen Vincent Benet
Mar 18 1942 Navy Yard Broadcast: Pearl Harbor
Jul 22 1942 Treasury Star Parade: "Chicago, Germany"
Jul 24 1943 CBS: An Open Letter on Race Hatred
Dec 03 1943 Edward R. Murrow - "Orchestrated Hell"
Dec 12 1943 The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto
Dec 19 1943 Coronet Little Show: The Gift of the Magi
Jan 08 1944 The State Department Speaks: Episode 1
Mar 05 1944 NBC Purim Holiday Broadcast: "Courage Is Their Badge"
May 21 1944 Radio Hall of Fame: Times Square
Jun 03 1944 Four for the Fifth: "Surrender"
Dec 11 1944 KSL: The Beginning of the Miracle of Anesthesia
Feb 24 1947 KYW Suburban School Hour: Lydia Darrah, Patriot
Mar 03 1947 The Telephone Hour: Two Men and a Piece of Wire - and Faith
Mar 20 1947 Reader's Digest Radio Edition: The Gift of the Magi
Aug 21 1947 Grand Marquee: Haunt Me a House
Feb 18 1949 The Betty Crocker Magazine of the Air: Episode 500; guest, Eve Curie
Apr 24 1949 Stage 49: Dracula
Aug 27 1949 The NBC University Theater: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Apr 18 1951 NBC Short Story: Beautiful Summer in Newport
Jul 06 1952 Best Plays: Arsenic and Old Lace
Jan 01 1957 Bits from the Stan Freberg Show
May 13 1958 Whispering Streets: Episode 67
Dec 24 1961 Heartbeat Theatre: The Third Saturday in Advent
Date Unknown Mutual Radio Theatre: Love Spelled Backwards
Date Unknown Hop To it Club: Fun with a Tractor
Date Unknown Your Movietown Review: The Bachelor and the Fox Terrier
Date Unknown Your Movietown Review: Please Remember
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