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Promotion for Vic & Sade

Promotion for Vic & Sade
This gentle, eccentric, well-loved comedy series can cause first-time listeners to scratch their heads. It's a show without obvious punchlines or belly laughs. But listen to a selection of episodes, and the self-contained small idiosyncracies of life at the Gooks may well grow on you like the novels of Dickens (to whom author Paul Rhymer's creations have been compared.)

Vic and Sade first appeared on the Blue network in 1932, and ran for 13 years on NBC and CBS, and briefly in 1946 on the Mutual network.

In the 1970s the series spawned two printed books of scripts, reprinting some 60 episodes which may be found online here: http://paulrhymer.net/scripts.cgi

In addition, we have links to several specific episodes not included in the books ...

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circa 100 The Washing Machine is on the Blink
circa 100 Sade Thinks Baseball is Just a Game
circa 100 Vic and Sade Discuss a Close Friendship
circa 100 Melvin Has Landed a Job
circa 100 Uncle Fletcher, from Dixon, is a Houseguest
circa 100 Uncle Fletcher's Meals
Apr 06 1936 Discussing a Close Friendship
Nov 07 1939 Rush's Christmas Idea
Aug 14 1940 Bacon Sandwiches
Dec 05 1941 Untitled Episode
Dec 08 1943 Mr. Ruebush's Christmas Present
Dec 24 1943 Christmas Cards
Sep 15 1944 Miss Keller's Wedding Ring
Date Unknown Vic, Chef for Dinner, Quotes Pantley on Peanuts
Date Unknown Mis' Keller's Birthday
Date Unknown Mr Dempsey & Mr Tunney Meet in a Cigar Store
Date Unknown Vic is Elected to the Congress of Distinguished Americans
Date Unknown Applying for a $4.80 Refund from the Lodge
Date Unknown Caramels on a Hot Day
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