episodes of On Stage

While by 1953, radio audiences were shifting in large numbers to television, networks were still creating new radio programs -- and giving the people who produced them more creative leeway. Thus in the 1950s we got programs like "Gunsmoke"... and also "On Stage."

On January 1st, 1953 Cathy and Elliott Lewis, known as “Mr. and Mrs. Radio,” debuted the new dramatic anthology program over CBS called On Stage. The Lewises aired a wide-ranging variety of themes -- drama, comedy, adventure, mystery, melodrama -- as long as the focus was on powerful male-female situations.

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Jan 01 1953 The String Bow Tie
Feb 05 1953 A Corner of Autumn
Feb 12 1953 The Party
Mar 12 1953 Call Me A Cab
Apr 02 1953 The Bunch of Violets
Apr 16 1953 Casey at the Bat
Apr 30 1953 Happy Anniversary
May 07 1953 The Bear
Jun 04 1953 And a Fond Farewell
Jul 23 1953 The Fling
Aug 20 1953 Canary Yellow
Sep 09 1953 Saralee, You are Lovely as the Summer Night
Sep 16 1953 The Crustacean
Sep 30 1953 Loving
Dec 16 1953 Candide
Feb 16 1954 Heartbreak
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