episodes of My Friend Irma

A collection of scripts of "My Friend Irma" broadcasts from the early 1950s can be found through a search of the industrydocumentslibrary.ucsf.edu/tobacco/ website.

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Apr 11 1947 Irma Meets Jane
Apr 18 1947 Irma Gives Rent Money to Al (abridged)
Dec 25 1950 Christmas Episode
Feb 03 1952 Irma Writes a Column
Dec 16 1952 Irma Wants Extra Money for Christmas
May 26 1953 Coronation Show (a.k.a. Irma's Trip to England)
Jun 16 1953 Jane and Irma See a Ghost
Date Unknown Early 1950s episodes from the Tobaaco Industry
Date Unknown The Boss Buys a Race Horse
Date Unknown The Lost Ring
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