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Jack Benny and his wife -  Mary Livingstone in an early portraitA massive collection of large PDF files each containing multiple scripts from Jack Benny's "Lucky Strike" broadcasts scripts from the late 1940s through mid 1950s, can be found on the industrydocumentslibrary.ucsf.edu/tobacco/ website.Literally thousands of pages of scanned "Jack Benny" shows are available for download.

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Oct 13 1940 Phil Tries to Collect on the World Series
Oct 18 1942 Jack Donates his Maxwell to a Scrap Drive
Dec 08 1946 Jack buys Don shoelaces for Christmas
Sep 23 1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower
May 02 1952 Jack loses $4.75 at the Race Track
Sep 28 1952 High Noon
Date Unknown Tobaccodocuments scripts from the mid 1940s-1950s
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