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The Great Gildersleeve

The Great Gildersleeve
One of radio's great spinoff success stories, The Great Gildersleeve is considered one of the classic, quintessential radio situation comedies. Originally a blustering comic foil for Fibber McGee, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve moved out of town and onto his own show in 1941, in the process gradually softening into a lovable though still braggadocious character. As the town of Springfield's Water Commissioner he hobnobbed with various male friends and courted various girlfriends, while caring for his nephew and niece. Gildy's unforgettable vocal style, especially his so-called "dirty laugh", was tightly associated with the actor who portrayed him, Hal Peary (who also portrayed him in several 1940s movies.) However, when the series changed networks in 1950, Peary was replaced by Willard Waterman with hardly a aural hiccup. Gildersleeve continued on radio until 1958, although the last three years in a much diminished 15-minute format.

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Nov 22 1942 Thanksgiving Show
Mar 28 1943 Springtime in Summerfield
Dec 19 1943 Christmas Show
Jan 16 1944 Income Tax Forms
Nov 05 1944 Election Bet
Apr 21 1948 Gildersleeve's New Secretary
Sep 08 1948 Mystery Baby
Dec 22 1948 Christmas Show
Feb 11 1952 Two Dates for Valentine's Day
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