episodes of First Nighter

Some folks may know someone who thought this program was hosted by some guy named Bert, because at the start of every show, as he stepped into the lobby of the Little Theater on Times Square, our host was greeted by the doorman, "Good Evening, Mr. Bert Schneider!"

Or something that sounded like that, at least

The First Nighter program, sponsored by Campana, may be better remembered for it's aural setting -- a Broadway theater with the sounds of the taxis and the crowds milling about -- than it's contents, which were generally (but not always) light romantic comedies (many of which would have been highly implausible as actual Broadway shows). Les Tremayne and Barbara Luddy were Mr. and Mrs. First Nighter for many years.

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Mar 29 1944 The Chinese Gong by Arch Oboler
Dec 18 1947 A Date with Baby
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