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Paul Frees, who promised us "Escape!"

Paul Frees, who promised us "Escape!"
"We Offer You...Escape!" makes a suitable counterpoint to those tales "Well-Calculated to Keep You in...Suspense!" -- an anthology of high adventure to contrast with Suspense's low cunning. Some stories could adapt to either program (and several were) , but Escape emphasized the thrills to Suspense's chills. Three Skeleton Key may be Escape's best-remembered episode, and creating the sound of hundreds of rats is still a challenge for any audio effects artist today.

Paul Frees and William Conrad were two of the brilliant late-era radio talents who added a dose of testosterone to the exiting adventures for listeners who "tired of the everyday grind."

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Jul 21 1947 Diamond as Big as the Ritz
Aug 18 1947 The Fourth Man
Oct 01 1947 The Most Dangerous Game
Oct 22 1947 Fall of the House of Usher
Nov 05 1947 Evening Primrose
Nov 19 1947 Casting the Runes
Nov 26 1947 The Country of the Blind
Dec 10 1947 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Jan 14 1948 Leiningen vs the Ants (version 1)
Apr 11 1948 The Brute
Mar 26 1949 The Adaptive Ultimate
Aug 04 1949 Leiningen vs the Ants (version 2)
Nov 15 1949 Three Skeleton Key
Mar 17 1950 Three Skeleton Key (Repeat Performance)
Jul 07 1950 A Shipment of Mute Fate
Jul 28 1950 Poison
Oct 22 1950 The Time Machine
Dec 17 1950 Wild Jack Rhett
Feb 01 1953 A Study in Wax
Feb 22 1953 I Saw Myself Running
Sep 13 1953 The Abominable Snowman
Apr 08 1954 The Scarlet Plague
Oct 07 1954 The Birds
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