episodes of Easy Aces

Goodman ("Goody") and Jane Ace with -  other members of the cast, mid '30s

Goodman ("Goody") and Jane Ace with

other members of the cast, mid '30s
While everyone remembers the scatterbrained humor of Gracie Allen, Jane Ace could match her misstep for misstep. Through the words written by her husband, Goodman Ace, Jane Ace created her own world where, as she put it, "If I'm wrong I'm not far from it!"

Easy Aces was one of the wittiest programs on the air -- an urban flipside to "Vic and Sade" perhaps. The series ran on various networks from 1931 until 1945, and a half-hour version titled "mr. ace and jane" followed for awhile. Goodman ace continued writing his witty observations well into the 1970s, including a stint as essayist on National Public Radio.

An excellent article on the show, including a collection of "Jane-ism"s is just a click away

Easy Aces was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990.

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circa 1940s Betty's Marital Problem
circa 1940s Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist
circa 1940s Jane Thinks Mink
circa 1940s Jane Serves on a Jury
circa 1940s Jane Gets a Loan for Her Brother
May 08 1948 Baby Food
Date Unknown Jane Finds a Mate for her Mother
Date Unknown Jane goes into the Christmas Card Business
Date Unknown Jane Takes Up Astrology
Date Unknown Janer's Mother Comes to Visit
Date Unknown Jane Writes a Letter (a.k.a. Jane Talks About a Book She Doesn't Like)
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