episodes of Cecil and Sally

Cecil and Sallie was a pioneering series syndicated by the CP MacGregor company in radio's earliest days.
Cecil and Sally are small-town teenagers, both orphaned. He's raised by his Aunt Bessie, and she's raised by her Uncle Thomas. Cecil's rival for Sally's affections is the odious and cowardly Alexander.
The show originated in 1928 as a live show called "The Funniest Things", before shifting to a transcribed syndicated format. Each two-person script was written by Johnny Patrick, who played Cecil and later became a screenwriter of some renown, with credits including "Teahouse of the August Moon", "High Society", "Some Came Running" and others. Helen Troy played Sally.
Each episode ran 10 minutes, allowing time for local stations to insert their own introduction, outro, and commercials. Although primitive compared to shows of even a few years later, there's a certain endearing charm to that simplicity.The episodes below are circa 1930.

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circa 1930s Episode 139 - Cecil has a loose tooth
circa 1930s Episode 140 - Cecil's tooth comes out
circa 1930s Episode 153 - Cecil agrees to dress up as a girl
circa 1930s Episode 154 - Getting dressed for the costume party
circa 1930s Episode 155 - Leaving for the party
circa 1930s Episode 156 - Cecil gets in a fight at the party
circa 1930s Episode 157 - Cecil tells Sally why he fought
circa 1930s Episode 158 - Cecil is jealous of Little Lord Fauntleroy
circa 1930s Episode 169 - Cecil wants to chew tobacco
circa 1930s Episode 170 - Cecil chews the tobacco
circa 1930s Episode 171 - Cecil is sick from the tobacco
circa 1930s Episode 226 - Sally has a good cry
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