episodes of Cavalcade of America

Dupont's long running series of dramatizations of events from America's history. A collection of scripts that were adapted into book form can be found as a series of PDFs at http://www.otrr.org/FILES/Scripts_pdf/Calvalcade%20of%20America

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Jan 01 1936 The Declaration of Independence
Feb 12 1936 Abraham Lincoln: A True American
Feb 13 1940 Abraham Lincoln in The War Years
Dec 18 1940 The Undefended Border
Dec 21 1942 A Child Is Born
May 31 1943 Mr Lincoln's Wife
Jul 05 1943 Listen to the People
Dec 20 1943 A Child is Born
Aug 14 1944 The Gals They Left Behind
Oct 23 1951 Loyal Lady
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