episodes of Candy Matson--Yukon 2-8209

If you hunt for women in leading roles on old time radio programs, your choices our few. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, the majority of women were still housewives, and expected to stay that way. Ladies were usually relegated to supporting roles: The Shadow had his "friend and constant companion, the Lovely Margo Lane." On Gunsmoke Matt Dillon had Kitty - who was a working girl of a sort.

After World War II, when many women had gotten a taste of the working life, the dramatic climate started to change, and female leads started to appear. Candy Matson was one, a girl who didn't mind giving out her phone number? when a good murder was involved. YUkon 2-8209, by the way. "Candy Matson" was produced out of San Fransisco by the husband and wife team of Monty Masters and Natalie Parks Masters. He produced; she starred. Their young son made cameo appearances. Candy Matson, despite clever hardboiled dialogue, never found an on-the-air sponsor, and so it only lasted two seasons in the early 1950s.

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Jul 07 1949 The Cable Car Case
Dec 19 1949 Jack Frost
Jun 05 1950 The Black Cat
Oct 23 1950 The Egyptian Amulet
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