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The Workshop's "Love is On the Air" 2007 show
The Workshop's "Love is On the Air" 2007 show
We performed our first radio recreations back in 1981, and have kept going at intervals just for the art and the fun of it. Headed by Larry Groebe, and Julie and Paul Barrett, the GRW has involved many of Dallas/Fort Worth's top vocal talent in their shows. While GRW recreations are aimed especially for the benefit of live "studio" audiences, they have also been heard on radio stations throughout the Southwest. Associated for years with the National Museum of Commuications in Dallas, the GRW's high point was perhaps it's 50-years-to-the-day recreation of "War of The Worlds" which was aired over the Texas State Network. The show was so realistic that at least one listener tuned past it because he thought he was hearing the 1938 original!

If you're interested in bringing back the long-lost art of radio drama (and comedy, and variety, and...) please feel free to contact us! The Golden Age of Yesteryear...lives again!

What we sound like in performance

Audio and performance quality varies - the enthusiasm doesn't. (Many of the science fiction convention productions were workshops introducing amateur actors to radio)

Return With Us Now - Frisco Community Theater May 20, 2006

Planet Man! - SoonerCon, Oklahoma City, July 15-16, 2006

Sam Shade, Private Mouth - FenCon 3, Dallas TX, September 23, 2006

The Shadow - Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society, Mesquite TX, November 2006

Love Is On The Air - Lewisville Community Theater, February 2007

Flash Gordon - SoonerCon, Oklahoma City, June 10, 2007

The Fentastic 4 - Fencon 4, Dallas TX, September 22, 2007

Michigan Jones and the Crystal Skull and Crossbones - Soonercon, Oklahoma City, June 2008

The Return of Sam Shade - Fencon 6, Dallas TX, October 4, 2008

Some Not-so-recent Performances:

Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon - Stellar Occasion 3, Dallas TX, December 27, 1996

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