Appropriate shows for Christmas time

We are often asked "What's a good show to perform around the Christmas Holidays?" We've tagged our database to provide you a list of shows that have a seasonal theme. Some are comedies, some dramas, even a few suspenseful ones, and of course the specifically spiritual. We hope you'll find something in here that strikes your fancy:

Archie Andrews: Christmas Shopping (1947)
Big Town: Christmas Charity Racket (1937)
Burns & Allen: New Year's Eve Party (1948)
Cavalcade of America: A Child Is Born (1942)
Cavalcade of America: A Child is Born (1943)
Columbia Workshop: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas (1938)
Dragnet: The Big Little Jesus (1953)
Easy Aces: Jane goes into the Christmas Card Business (----)
Empire Builders: Attar of Roses (1930)
Family Theatre: The Littlest Angel (1949)
Father Knows Best: Christmas Program (1953)
Fibber McGee and Molly: Fibber Paints a Christmas Tree White (1945)
Fred Allen Show: Santa Claus Sits Down (1942)
Grand Central Station: Miracle for Christmas (1949)
Gunsmoke: A Christmas Story (1952)
Jack Benny Show: Jack buys Don shoelaces for Christmas (1946)
Let's Pretend: The House of the World (1942)
Lum and Abner: Christmas Eve in Pine Ridge (1942)
Lux Radio Theater: It's a Wonderful Life (1947)
Lux Radio Theater: Pinocchio (1939)
Lux Radio Theater: Miracle on 34th Street (1948)
Miscellaneous Single Episodes: NBC Christmas Special: On Christmas Night (1931)
Miscellaneous Single Episodes: Coronet Little Show: The Gift of the Magi (1943)
Miscellaneous Single Episodes: CBS: The Visit of St. Nick (1939)
Miscellaneous Single Episodes: Rogers of the Gazette: Jill's Baby (1953)
Miscellaneous Single Episodes: The Greatest Story Ever Told: Unto You, This Day (1950)
My Favorite Husband: George's Christmas Presents (1949)
My Friend Irma: Christmas Episode (1950)
My Friend Irma: Irma Wants Extra Money for Christmas (1952)
Mysterious Traveler: Mr. Trimble's Turnabout Christmas (1947)
Our Miss Brooks: Connie's Letter To Sandy Clawsss (1949)
Radio City Playhouse: Twas the Night Before Christmas (1949)
Romance: Richer by One Christmas (1955)
Royal Gelatin Hour: Christmas Morning (1936)
Screen Directors' Playhouse: Miracle on 34th Street (1950)
Suspense: Night Before Christmas (1951)
Suspense: Back for Christmas (1948)
Suspense: Christmas for Carole (1950)
Suspense: Out for Christmas (1958)
The Bickersons: Christmas Eve (1946)
The Big Story: A Holiday with Murder (1950)
The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Show (1943)
The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Show (1948)
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe: The Case of the Slaughtered Santas (1950)
The Screen Guild Theater: The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
The Screen Guild Theater: The Bishop's Wife (1948)
The Six Shooter: Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol (1953)
The Theatre Guild On The Air: The Meanest Man in the World (1952)
Vic and Sade: Rush's Christmas Idea (1939)